Tuesday, April 17, 2012

time flies. when you're having a nervous breakdown.

remember those tearful first days of kindergarten? (not the boys' - mine.)

well, kindergarten is officially almost over. just another month or so and summer break will begin. i've already reserved camps and childcare and vacation time.

i really can't believe it.

it's been a hectic year. when i was a pre-school mom, i was super involved. i was at every event and brought in cupcakes whenever the spirit moved me. i remembered teachers' birthdays and hand-made my kid's valentine cards.

i even made shark cupcakes when they were studying water creatures. that was an adventure.

being a kindy-mom is so very different. i haven't quite figured out why, but i simply cannot keep up.

every single week there are a multitude of events going on - from funny hat day to field trips to teacher appreciation day to ... well, who knows what's next.

i do read the notes that come home, but there's always something i forget, like a permission slip or sending him to school in the purple shirt for field trip day.

soon kindergarten will be over, and i'll have no excuse for acting dazed and confused. the whole "i'm lost because i'm a kindy-mom" thing will no longer fly.

when he's a first grader, i'll have to handle things like a pro. i'd better start baking and freezing those cupcakes now.

sign me up for room mother duties and the PTO.

i'm gonna be lean and mean this fall, i promise you that. i'll be on top of it.

unless i'm not. and that's gonna have to be ok too.

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