Monday, April 16, 2012

bits + pieces.

it was a banner weekend for culinary adventures.

chiefly because i at last, yes, AT LAST, sampled the grilled cheeserie.

all you haters that say $7 is too much for a grilled cheese sandwich never had this.


(PS even without the bacon it was divine.)

luckily the boy took one look and would have nothing to do with it.

hurray. more for me.

mmmmmm .....


there's always a line. but we were early and so we were one of the first.

i forgot to get pictures, but they also serve ice cold mexican coca-cola and tater tots.

some might call this hangover food.

i call it delish.

the best part is the food trucks now come to the park across from our apartment every saturday and sunday. so happy for small miracles.

the boy had his first little league game on saturday.

he's really having fun. and the little booger is pretty good at it.

i hit a children's hospital fundraiser with my friend tex.

she gets me into the best events.

it was at the brentwood country club, and even though i forgot to get a picture, they had tiramisu cupcakes that were terrific. oh my.

we also went to the vandy black and gold scrimmage.

fun, even though i don't know the first thing about football. first down? touchback? yeah ... no. i got nothin.'

from this photo, it would seem the boys sat still the whole time and in fact didn't at all run around the stadium like wild monkeys.

yeah. let's go with that.

the fireworks afterward were fun.

and we got to rush the field and see the players up close.

the kids took off their shoes and commenced the monkey-running until security finally herded us all out.

sunday i took some "me" time and went to the nashville farmer's market. at swagruha indian, if you know to ask for it (and i do) you can order a dosa.

seriously spicy potatoes on the inside, crackly and tasty and delicious on the outside. it was completely awesome.

so the diet begins today.

how was your weekend, my lovelies? did you try the food trucks? talk to me.

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