Monday, June 28, 2010

bits of my weekend volume 5 (aka the shark cupcake post)

we decided we wanted to make these shark cupcakes from the hello cupcake book for the boy's class. they are learning about sharks.

how hard could it be?

the boy supervised for a while, then gave up and went off to play.

i had to carve twinkies into shark snouts, dip them in warm icing, affix them to the cupcakes, and decorate them.

clearly, the practice shark did not come off as well as hoped.

the teeth, in particular, were wonky.

as i went along it got easier and i figured out better ways of doing things.

here's the shark heads before being decorated. the red mouth is a piece of fruit roll-up.

it took most of the day on sunday to create these. and i have to say they turned out not-half-bad.

i wanted to give up, but i'm glad i didn't.

it was worth it all when i dropped the cupcakes off at the boy's class today and all the teachers gathered 'round and raved about our creations.

if nothing else, for today, the boy is the most popular kid in school.


Abhid-d said...

Hi. I came across your blog after clicking the "Next blog" button on top. So I thought that I'd leave a comment.

I too am an aspirant writer, and savour good food and books. I wish you good luck.

Thank you.

michelle said...

Love the cupcakes! Those look like they would be SO hard to do. I'm really impressed!

Jean said...

You are pretty gutsy just to take this project on. Fabulous!!!

jessica said...

Joan, I love your baking misadventures. You are very persistent and in the end you do great but I must say I am very entertained by the "gone wrong" photos!
In fact, you might need a side blog, kind of like Cake Wrecks :-)

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