Wednesday, April 18, 2012

obsessed: macarons.

i went in search of the correct pronunciation of the french comestible "macaron," (sometimes spelled "macaroon").

is it pronounced like the coconutty cookie of US origin? i guessed not. serious eats was a helpful site as well as a few others.

heretofore, when i order them at the lovely provence breads in hillsboro village, i'll pronounce it "mac-uh-RAW(n)," with the "n" barely there and the "r" with a soft h sound added in.

for a non-french speaking american, it's as close as i'll get to saying it correctly.

but i'll be doggoned if i'm gonna call it a mac-a-ROON, y'all.

making them at home, is simply not an option for me. i'm much too inept in the kitchen for such a complicated confection.

but if you are so inclined, simply sweeter seems to have it figured out.

salt and serenity, too. who are these people and how do they do it? it's a mystery to me.

no way i could pull these off.

but, the truth is, i really don't want to.

i like having my macarons and a nice cup of dancing goats blend coffee on the sidewalk patio at provence breads.

i just do.

the crack of the shell as you bite in, the chewy cookie, the light, refreshing filling.

mmmm ... worth every penny.

one day i'll visit laduree in Paris, the motherland of macarons.

provence breads.

but until then, i'll just visit my own little corner of provence in nashville and think happy french thoughts.

join me and my friends at provence breads in hillsboro village april 24 for lunch to benefit dine out for nashville.

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