Friday, June 26, 2015


we dropped off canned goods at the boy's school today, collected by us and our friends at BUMC.

so glad our amazing teachers deliver food to hungry classmates all summer long, and so happy we could help.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

room with a view, a storm and a ufo sighting.

i'm learning to use the time lapse photography functions on my iphone. can u guess what the ufo really is?

Monday, June 22, 2015

summer = baseball.

it was a blockbuster weekend of baseball. Five days of practices followed by tournament games friday, saturday and sunday in the scorching heat. 

and you know what? i loved every minute of it.

the boy did well. his team got second place in the tourney.

we have practices all week and another tournament this weekend. then we are off to the beach.

ah, summer.

ps Go 'dores.

Friday, June 19, 2015

my kid is an all-star. but then, we already knew that.

yes, the boy made the all star team. his rowdy band of special snowflakes have a brutal schedule of daily practices and two weekends of tournament play. the first game is tonight. let me know how the 'dores are faring, cuz i'll be at my little all-star's game, cheering him on as only a true little league mama can do. loving it (and him) so much.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

TBT: because why not.

if we are doing a throw-back thursday, it's gotta be this and only this.

the absolute cutest child ever on the face of the planet.

milk mustache and all.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

not happy. happy.


 not happy: jeni's splendid ice creams did not open as planned in my building.


jeni's, please get well soon.

(image property of Vanderbilt University)
happy: the reigning 2014 college world series champions, the vanderbilt commodores, are back in omaha. Go 'dores!

Friday, June 12, 2015

summer pleasures.

this is one of many summer pleasures: the peach truck. now appearing every thursday at the Vanderbilt farmers' market.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

an embarrassment of riches.

i saw this bloom yesterday just outside my office at Vanderbilt, where we often describe the campus as being encircled by a "magnolia curtain." a lovely thought.
what a privilege to be surrounded by magnolias.

so beautiful. so ridiculous. so enchanting.

magnolias are unashamedly conspicuous. huge by flower standards, they burst forth effortlessly and abundantly from the tough, woody branches of what are essentially overgrown shrubs.

these shrubs (seemingly unaware that they are not trees) grow to such heights that many of their blooms are never in peril of being seen by human eyes, much less plucked. but when one sees a magnolia blossom in repose on a low-lying branch, it is tempting, of course.

the stems are impenetrable without good gardening sheers, making the bloom that much more desirable: the impossibly white diaphanous slivers of velvet, perfectly cupped to catch dew and rain, its delicate scent a whisper, an afterthought.

so ostentatious. so humble. so improbable.

when i see them, I am reminded that beauty is indeed all around us.

i am reminded that it is not such a bad thing to be more than you need to be, to achieve more than what others expect of you.

it is not such a bad thing at all to disregard categories and stereotypes and humble origins and simply be who you were born to be: your ridiculous wonderful self.

Monday, June 8, 2015

a little magic for your monday.

i saw this almost-heart-shaped mushroom on the lawn outside my building as i was coming into work. pretty magical, don't you think?

Thursday, June 4, 2015

in the green.

the common space is coming along. the plants are taking root and the mulch has been carefully laid.

the fire pit is nearly ready to light, and the water feature (not pictured) is on the verge of burbling.

Patio tables and chairs have been ordered. workers busy themselves with details every day.

in the lower level (at the top of the image) there will be an additional gathering space with a big screen TV, and more seating. a large, shining outdoor grill is already in place.

can't wait to take advantage of this beautiful little oasis.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

hot & cold.

go visit hot & cold. it's amazing. photo by me.
we went across the street to bongo java's hot & cold and the boy wanted hot cider.

it was simply gorgeous: garnished with a cinnamon stick ... and a leaf flourish by jordan thompson, our favorite barista.

hot & cold also has coffee, of course, but what i can't wait to try are the cold treats: mexican popsicles (las paletas) dipped in a rich olive & sinclair chocolate shell, and bingbing, a house-made korean shaved ice with from-scratch toppings, like caramel sauce, whipped cream with berries and cinnamon espresso cheesecake chunks.

have mercy.

Monday, June 1, 2015

rain, rain, go away.

the view from my bedroom.
so tired of the rain.

teachers let the monkeys out.

first day of third grade.

last day of third grade.
Hello, summer!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

one week without cable TV: observations.

we are biking more. a lot more.

we are reading voraciously. (pictured: the Buccaneers by edith wharton)
the boy is reading the sixth of the lemony snicket series, the unfortunate events.

we are dining al fresco.

We are exploring our neighborhood.
we are taking time to enjoy the view.
if you gave up cable, what would you do?

Friday, May 22, 2015

new views.

i am always drawn to look out of windows.

as soon as i wake up i peek out through the blinds to see what is happening outside as the sun blooms over buildings old and new; casting a glow over the people below, getting in and out of cars, or dashing for the jolting, snuffling city bus.

from the window of my new place, there is so much to look at, so much bluster and movement all the time. hillsboro village is a community that is alive and breathing and moving, night and day. people are always coming and going, walking their dogs, riding bicycles, hurrying off to somewhere—to the office or to get kids to school, or to a lab in the deep recesses of the medical center.

there are tourists in cowboy boots with shopping bags meandering the boutiques, and orderlies in scrubs with name badges shuffling home in the wee hours. there are sports fans cheering from the open-air restaurants along 21st, there are delivery men and pretty college students and long-bearded, tattooed baristas.

i am here, like a bird on a wire, watching the bustle from my perch, taking it all in. and when i descend into it, i become part of it, my noise and activity and presence adding to the cacophony that is community.

some people are drawn to solitude, to isolated places, to mountaintops or lakes, but i'm drawn to the busy-ness and bustle of a city, or in this case, a village. it's where i feel most at home. it's where i feel anything is possible.

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