Friday, May 22, 2015

new views.

i am always drawn to look out of windows.

as soon as i wake up i peek out through the blinds to see what is happening outside as the sun blooms over buildings old and new; casting a glow over the people below, getting in and out of cars, or dashing for the jolting, snuffling city bus.

from the window of my new place, there is so much to look at, so much bluster and movement all the time. hillsboro village is a community that is alive and breathing and moving, night and day. people are always coming and going, walking their dogs, riding bicycles, hurrying off to somewhere—to the office or to get kids to school, or to a lab in the deep recesses of the medical center.

there are tourists in cowboy boots with shopping bags meandering the boutiques, and orderlies in scrubs with name badges shuffling home in the wee hours. there are sports fans cheering from the open-air restaurants along 21st, there are delivery men and pretty college students and long-bearded, tattooed baristas.

i am here, like a bird on a wire, watching the bustle from my perch, taking it all in. and when i descend into it, i become part of it, my noise and activity and presence adding to the cacophony that is community.

some people are drawn to solitude, to isolated places, to mountaintops or lakes, but i'm drawn to the busy-ness and bustle of a city, or in this case, a village. it's where i feel most at home. it's where i feel anything is possible.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


and lest we lose sight of what's really important in life ... my boy is terrific at baseball. being a dugout mom is the highlight of my week. (and by dugout mom i mean keeping the book and running the scoreboard. these kids really don't need a mom in the dugout anymore.)

something new.

purchased online at Dot and Bo.

i am enjoying this fun Herman Miller knock-off. it's just fun.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

getting settled: a quick update.

we each have small beds with simple white cotton bedding and soft gray blankets. the boy is pleased.
spa goodies from twinnie help the bathroom feel like a fancy hotel.
the courtyard is coming together. looks like a football field now, but it will have a water feature, fire pit (see the white brick far right), grills, tables and chairs, and I assume bocce ball. or croquet. i'll provide the latter two if need be.
the living room is currently in a state of disarray. so is the closet. boxes are unpacked, but it's not pretty. i'll need to pare down even further. observation: minimal living has not yet been achieved.
the kitchen is divine. love the deep sink and under-counter lighting.
Here's my night view from the bedroom: my beloved 90-year-old belcourt theatre. one of the few independent art house theaters left in the country. i just saw "Dior and I" there last weekend and it was terrific. Next up: "Iris."
So that's a quick update. We've been walking and/or riding bikes to school. And i walked to work today. The weather is perfect. I couldn't be more pleased with how the move turned out. I'm exhausted, and every bone in my body aches, but it was well worth it. I can see living here for a very long time to come. Acklen Flats is quickly becoming our new home, and it's fun to see the workmen adding finishing touches daily.

Monday, May 18, 2015

White and Grey.

My obsession with white and grey has been realized.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Moved in and loving it.

Especially the view.

Moving day.

But first, coffee.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

i did it. and i'm not sorry.

AmazonBasics Ultra-Thin amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna (photo courtesy
i cancelled cable. i am shocked (and relieved) that they only battled half-heartedly to keep me as a customer. i told them it was too expensive and we were going to go the summer without cable and see how it goes.

so that happened.

but that doesn't mean i've chucked the flatscreen TV in a dumpster. i've purchased a powered HD TV antenna so i will be able to pick up any and all HD channels floating about in the airwaves for free.

and of course i'll get to see all my favorite PBS shows in glorious high definition: Selfridge's Wolf Hall, Call the Midwife, and soon, Indian Summers.

it just so happens the boy likes watching PBS kids' shows like Curious George and Martha Speaks. So we are set. That and a stack of books should suffice, when we're not outside throwing the ball, riding bikes or hitting the neighborhood pool.

 feeling pretty good about myself right now.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

dream come true.

he's on the seventh "unfortunate events" book currently. we get many books at BookMan/BookWoman on 21st. a wonderful place.
my greatest dream has come true. my boy is a reader. each night we hunker down with our books and read and it's amazing. what mother could ask for a more wonderful child than the one i've got?

Monday, May 11, 2015

flip. splash.

we're going to miss this pool. luckily, we have several options for pools this summer, so we will not be lacking for water fun after the move. it just won't be 10 steps away like it is now.

the countdown begins. moving this saturday!

Friday, May 8, 2015

friday wishes.

wishing for good things for all i love and those i don't who may be hurting. be kind today and have a beautiful weekend.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

room with a view.

my office window provides an ever-evolving display of nashville's current constructive prodigiousness. the city is growing again, perhpas as never before. the built environment is blooming in ways both large and small.

the 20th and grand condo building (center) will eventually be hidden from my view by the buckingham company's monolithic aertson midtown, a $100 million mixed use development rising swiftly and with purpose. there are two levels already. if you look closely, you can see.

it promises, at minimum, a kimpton hotel, a variety of retail shops, and condos and apartments. it is overwhelming and humbling to observe the hundreds of workers (who from this distance look like ants), plus the massive cranes and multitudes of trucks and diggers busily advancing the cause, as each does their part to make the building rise.

i'm cheered that nashville's construction and real estate markets are turning up and that with the warm weather at last upon us (and the horrific 2010 flood behind us), the city seems energetic and revived.

however, with progress comes change and sometimes loss.

in this case, it was my beloved ken's sushi (pictured above, far left), which had to be demolished. i dined there with my fellow vandy moms at least once a month, usually more, for 10 years, comparing notes on kids and parenting. we even had a baby shower there. ken made green tea cupcakes.

he always knew our orders before we walked in the door, and started making them before we'd said a word. he sent us extra ginger, and always smiled and welcomed us no matter what kind of rowdy mood we were in. i miss that place. and i miss ken.

this is the last known photo of ken's sushi. it was heartbreaking to see it come down. ken's has relocated far from campus, in donelson, and i haven't been there once. my sushi habit has pretty much been eliminated.

finally, let's look at what aerston midtown will look like in a couple of years:

quite impressive, isn't it?

i can hardly believe all that will fit on this humble corner of 21st. it will certainly be a vital part of the nashville economy, providing jobs and drawing tourists, the parents of area college students and myriad other consumers to the midtown area. for that, i'm grateful.

let's just hope it has a sushi restaurant.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


the boy is a terrific ball player. it's all he thinks about and he loves it to his core. so does this dugout mama. last night, after a string of losses, the pieces all came together and this team played their hearts out.

and they won.

cheers to my kiddo who struck out several batters, got a big hit and looked super cute while doing it.

love that boy.

Remember when he looked like this?

Monday, May 4, 2015

cutting the cord.

the best friends of my childhood, the zehr girls. from left: jackie, me, diane, chris and twin sister jean with our beloved dog trixie. to me, this is childhood. this is summer. this is happiness. (my childhood home, circa 1974)
are you brave enough to cut the cord? on cable, i mean? i'm strongly considering it. two weeks from now i will (probably) be untethered from the relationship that has me stockholm-syndromed within an inch of my life.

when i was a kid, TV was free. we got three network channels. we watched mutual of omaha's wild kingdom, and saturday morning cartoons and that was about it. maybe a few episodes of brady bunch or gomer pyle, pfc. but there was no such thing as being a couch potato for hours on end in front of the TV. and it didn't cost 150 bucks a month.

there was no on demand programming, no tivo, no dvr. no disney channel or cartoon network. no spongebob. no pay-per-view.

and (gasp!) no internet.

and yet, somehow, miraculously, we were happy.

my sisters and brother and i played outside and built tree forts and dug for fossils and drew and painted and played green ghost and red rover til the sun went down. we read books and rode bikes and raced milk weed pods in the creek.

we had sleep-overs with our best friends and played make-believe with our stuffed monkeys (we were too rough and tumble for dolls).

we baked cookies and played monopoly and did our chores. we shucked corn and picked beans and weeded the garden.

we didn't have cable and we didn't die.

so when the boy and I move, in less than two weeks, i'm thinking of cutting the cord on this dysfunctional and expensive relationship i have with my local cable provider, and just see how it feels to go off the grid, so to speak.

can we do it? for real?

stay tuned.

Friday, May 1, 2015

favorite things: Books.

BookMan/BookWoman (Photo courtesy of Nashville Lifestyles)
I have three new (old) books to read thanks to my favorite bookstore, BookMan/BookWoman on 21st Ave., so this weekend looks promising. Nice weather. A mid-afternoon Little league game. Books to read. What could be better? Have a great weekend, y'all. My move is just two weeks away!
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