Wednesday, September 8, 2010

exclusive booch interview!

recently i had to go looking for a new brand of kombucha, when g.t. steve's was pulled from shelves.

luckily, i soon fell in love with booch, a brand of kombucha brewed right here in nashville.

even the boy loves it.

and the best part? it's super healthy.

owner kelly granted us this exclusive interview.

i am not receiving any free booch as a result of the interview – i just love it and wanted to share it with you.

(although, i wouldn't turn it down!)

blogofjoan: How did you hear about kombucha and why did you decide to start making it as a business?

Kelly: i have always been interested in health, fitness and well-being, and earned a bachelor’s degree in health and exercise science from oral roberts university. shortly after moving to nashville in 2005 I was introduced to kombucha tea. I was hooked at first sip. i loved the tart sourness, fizzy feel and lingering refreshment.

right away i began brewing it and friends encouraged me to sell it. i sold it to a few friends. then the owners of the green wagon found out about me and they were excited to find a local artisan brewer. my hobby has turned into a business!

where do you make it and how many bottles do you brew per month?

in a commercial kitchen – about 200 gallons each month. each batch takes about 14 days.

what makes booch unique?

we use quality ingredients. i use organic sugar and organic black tea. booch is bottled and taken right to the stores, so there is no time sitting in a warehouse or truck.

recently g.t. steve’s kombucha was pulled from shelves due to an alcohol content that increased as it sat in transit to stores. has that increased demand for Booch?


does booch have an alcohol content?

the alcohol content is less than .5%. booch is bottled and delivered right to the refrigerator at the store. fermentation essentially stops while refrigerated.

does booch have caffeine? What about calories?

booch contains approximately 25 calories per 8 oz serving. there's less caffeine in it than in a cup of decaf tea.

is it safe for kids?

in limited amounts. my daughter started drinking it in her sippy cup when she was about 2 years old. I diluted it so she didn’t get used to having something fizzy all the time. she is very healthy.

how much does booch cost?

it costs $3.50-$4 for a 12-oz. bottle; $16-$20 for a ½ gallon and $26 for a gallon. You get a discount if you return your bottles.

what health benefits have you experienced from drinking booch?

i rarely get sick! i do live a healthy life and feel like booch is a great addition. it helps to keep my energy level up as well.

what’s the best thing about having your own business and what advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

i love working at my own pace and having my family involved! my daughter has been such an inspiration and my husband is my numbers guy. my advice is to grow your business organically and debt free, and have a good quality product or service that people want.

where can i buy booch?

you can find it several places:

the green wagon
1100 forest ave. in east nashville, tenn.

greenlight market & deli
2905 12th ave south, nashville, tenn.

The Produce Place
4000 murphy rd, nashville, tenn.

sunshine nutrition center
621 s, church st, murfreesboro, tenn.

to learn more, visit or e-mail

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Anonymous said...

Hey Joan! Raspberry Booch will be launching next week! Very excited about it! Hope you are doing well.....enjoy your weekend.


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