Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bits of my weekend volume 15

Oh, there is so much to tell.

did i mention the boy turned five over the weekend?


we started off the weekend with a trip to the park.

but not without first stopping for donuts at fox's donut den. a nashville icon.

is there anything cuter than watching a five-year-old eat donuts?

i think not.

the weather was perfect. perfect, i tell you.

for lunch we went to pf chang's, and the boy successfully used chopsticks for the first time.

it was a birthday miracle!

we were all decked out for the football game, and set out on foot since all the parking lots near the field were full.

but a mixup at the box office left us ticketless.

it was a long walk back to our car, and we were all exhausted by this point.

so we thumbed a ride on this trolley.

the boy said this was the best day of his whole life!

wow. ticket debacle forgotten.

the next morning we revealed the secret hiding place of the birthday presents.

if the sack of presents is actually larger than the child, does that mean you went overboard? hmmmm ....

as he opened the presents, he kept saying, mommy, how did you know i wanted this? how did you know?

i told him that i know everything. afterall, i am his mother.

and then, there was the bouncy party.

we joined forces with several other kids from his class with september birthdays and split the cost.

not only did we save money, but i don't have to go back to the bouncy place again for a while.

see how that works out?

it was truly a great day for the kids. they couldn't have been happier.

after all, there was pizza. and goody bags.

and of course, cupcakes.

the boy is five! huzzah!

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