Friday, July 2, 2010

scandal and mayhem

by now you already know about the great kombucha scandal of 2010.

you don't?

you don't know what kombucha is?

ok. let me start from the beginning.

once upon a time, millions of years ago ...

wait, no. let's just cut to the chase.

kombucha is a health drink i love. it is an ancient asian tea that ferments until it's teeming with billions of micro-organism thingys that are totally good for you.

g.t. steve's synergy kombucha
is my favorite. i drink it in the mornings and it always gives me this lovely peaceful feeling.

well, i found out that "peaceful feeling" was not coming from the joys of healthy living.

the label admits to there being trace amounts of alcohol in it due to the fermentation process.

now it turns out there was more than a trace (above .5%).

my co-workers find this fact to be endlessly entertaining.

so anyway, a couple weeks ago, all g.t. steve's kombucha was pulled from shelves.

and i went in search of a 12-step program.

the good news is i found this lovely lady named kelly who lives in nashville who has a kombucha brewing business, Booch, and it tastes fantastic.

and though i'll miss my kombucha buzz, i'm all over Booch like amoeba on yeast.

or something like that.

look for my exclusive interview with kelly in a couple of weeks.

in the meantime, buy some booch here:

The Green Wagon-East Nashville

1100 Forrest Ave

The Greenlight Market & Deli

2905 12th Avenue South

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