Thursday, June 24, 2010

sister-palooza part 3a

day three was so action-packed it just won't fit into one post. so i broke it up for you.

thought you'd appreciate that.

chardie's neighbor tim took this group shot before we left for the isle of capri. it took all of five minutes and he was soaked in sweat by the time he was through.

did i mention the heat is off the charts?

thanks, tim. you're a good sport.

the isles of capri are a cluster of tiny unpopulated islands between naples and marco island.

people gather there with family, friends, kids and dogs to eat, fish, kayak, camp, swim and play.

the capri fish house is about as "old florida" as you can get.

it's run by a bostonian named mike. you've probably heard it mentioned by famous blogstress kelle hampton.

her pictures are much better than mine.

if margaritaville were a real place, it would look like this.

i like how people sign their dollars and staple them to the beams.

here's ours: yordy girlz rock!

the grouper fingers were epic.

out of this world.

after lunch we took a boat ride with owner mike.

he's just nice like that.

he took us to see where the dolphins feed. look closely.

and showed us around the islands.

i kept expecting to see gilligan and the skipper.

only if they were marooned here, they'd never want to leave.


when the weather changes, you can see it coming a mile away.

quick, crazy rain showers blew through about once a day, giving us short breaks from the brutal heat.

the only thing that would have made the visit any nicer, is if kelle hampton had been there too.

she couldn't make it, so we stopped by her house the next day.

we're just pushy like that.

and yes, i got to hold little nella bean.

more on that soon ...

part 3b
part 4

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