Wednesday, June 23, 2010

sister-palooza part 2

sanibel island was calling our names.

so we set out on a road trip.

after we had our coffee, of course.

do you think my twinnie looks like me?

the drive was about an hour.

sunglasses were worn ...

... and songs sung.

in fact, each adventure we went on had a theme song.

thank you, sirius satellite radio for the inspired tuneage.

jean and charlotte.

the two best sisters a girl could ever ask for.

aren't i lucky?

here's the three of us. one thing we have in common is that we all operate on high speed.

every day.

overkill is our middle name.

go diva or stay home.

we found a sand bar with thousands of sand dollars on it. we collected up a bunch.

i was missing my boy so i floated the raft over to two little boys out in the water with their dad.

I showed them what we'd found.

i put on my mommy voice and explained how these sand dollars were actually alive and how very, very special the creatures of the sea are.

they agreed. then they started slinging them across the water like they were skipping rocks.

i'm not gonna lie. my kid would have done the same thing.

these chairs didn't get much use. did i mention that it was a million degrees out?

factor in the intense humidity and that's like a million six.

thank goodness for balmy water and gentle waves.


we had to hit key lime bistro on the way home to re-hydrate. sadly, we were too late for the crab cakes benedict.

then we headed out to shop at the healthy food store, cook some quinoa veggie pilaf and sweet potato fries.

then we laughed, talked and watched silly movies until all hours.

sisters rule.

more to come tomorrow ...

part 3a
part 3b
part 4

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