Friday, June 25, 2010

sister-palooza part 3b

our day at the lovely isles of capri was amazing. but it didn't end there.

we washed off the sand and salt and we lotioned our sunburned shoulders and and put on soft summer dresses and headed out to barefoot beach.

it's so beautiful.

and the shells are so perfect and tiny.

there are billions of them.

this is my twinnie, in case you were wondering. you can tell it's not me because she's the one with the chicken pox scar on her nose.

she's gonna love me saying that.

here's me doing my sears catalog pose. (and yes, that's my recently purchased date night dress.)

the sunset was, as to be expected, infinitely gorgeous.

then we were off to a friend's house for dinner.

i'm not gonna lie. there were cosmopolitans.

and a delectable asian salad with scallops.

and home-made tiramisu.

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