Saturday, June 26, 2010

sister-palooza part 4: final thoughts

our final day was a pool day.

could this be anymore fabulous?

i think not.

a little poolside feast was in order. these fish tacos knocked my socks off.

and then my dears, a little baby love.

here's blogstress kelle hampton's precious little nella cordelia.

the cuddliest, sweetest baby ever. (except for my own, of course.)

kelle never fails to inspire me. so it was super fun to get to see her.

read all about her adventures here.

and speaking of inspiring ... what a cool nephew i have. ashford is only 14 and already working at publix just to keep busy during the summer.

here he is pretending his aunties and mom aren't standing there pointing, smiling and taking pictures.

we are cruel. what can i say.

there's a smile.

later ashford's brother drake gave us a ride on his new golf cart.

i must say, he's a very careful driver.

and he didn't text even one time.

chardie, are you listening?

wait, what happened? weren't these two babies just a minute ago?

now they are looking suspiciously like almost-grown-ups.

they're going to love me saying that.

and lastly, the piece de resistance ... we topped off our amazing time together with a visit to my favorite naples eatery, sea salt.

be still my heart.

you get fresh bread to dip in fine olive oil and three kinds of sea salt.

we are all pretty nuts about salt.

chef fabrizio aielli's cuisine is divine.

we shared small plates, including this crispy calamari with green olives, pancetta, manchego, and spicy lime sauce.

this is the pizza of ahi tuna tartare, with wasabi cream cheese and sweet jalapeno truffle sauce. delish.

my favorite was the jumbo lump maryland style crab cake with mustard sauce.

please, may i have another?

it was the perfect ending to a fantastic sisters weekend.

truly, words and pictures cannot do it justice.

we were blessed with sunshine, amazing food and beautiful scenery, for sure. but that wasn't really the point.

it could have been cleveland in february (no offense, cleveland) and we sisters would have rocked it out.

there was gut-busting laughter, girl-talk that went long into the night, recipe-swapping as we chopped and sauteed, and singing at full volume in the car ...

it was magic.

we are sisters.

nothing could be better than that.

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