Monday, April 27, 2015

taking down manhattan.

four years ago i got the wild idea of decoupage-ing a manhattan map to my ugly kitchen wall. it actually came out quite nice. but all good things must come to an end.

my big project this weekend was scraping it off, strip by shredded strip. my fish-flipping spatula did a fine job, i must say. and i think my upper arms have never looked better.

i love maps. they speak to my sense of adventure ... and perhaps the timid part of me that dreams about more trips than i actually take. new york is my muse. i love visiting the city like the dilettante i am, soaking up all i can get, then dashing home to my safe little nashville.

in my new apartment, i hope to have some kind of artwork that speaks to city maps, or perhaps simply framing a map will do.

PS the filter i put on this image makes it appear i've destroyed the wall. in fact, it's back to (almost) perfect condition. fingers crossed i get my deposit back.

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