Friday, April 24, 2015

A new journey begins.

i've been working on a plan now for more than a year. longer, maybe.

after four years at my current place, i'm packing up, cleaning out and preparing to start fresh just a mile away. but oh what a difference a mile makes.

in this brand new community in an established cozy neighborhood, the boy will be able to ride his bike to school, just two blocks away. there is an amazing park to run and play catch and meet up with friends. our church is right across the street. there is a european bakery, a fantastic coffee shop, a wonderful used bookstore, restaurants, cool shops, live music and so much more.

but living in a cool neighborhood wasn't really the end goal.

this is about a lifestyle shift toward simpler living. slowing down. putting away the car keys and riding bikes. taking the bus to work. meandering down the sidewalk to buy a loaf of fresh rustic bread and locally made farm-fresh cheese. canceling the cable and diving into a stack of books. dragging out the water colors and legos. opening up arms to friends old and new.

it's about getting rid of all the stuff that fills our closets and weighs us down.

it's about letting go of whatever's in the past that keeps us stuck.

it's about creating a welcoming space. being creative. breathing deeply.

it's about having less and enjoying life more.

it's about figuring out what's important and then doing that.

so our journey begins in just a few weeks, and yet it has already begun. we are cleaning, purging, boxing things up. making hard decisions.

there is much to be done. and a paradigm shift does not come easily.

my motto has been for a very long time: All Love, No Fear. sadly, i have not always lived by that. even this amazing opportunity scares me deeply. letting go of my stuff is sometimes painful. change is hard.

but i cannot wait to see what happens next.

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Chris Fenoglio said...

Your journey sounds wonderful with lots of present and future benefits for you and the boy.


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