Wednesday, February 15, 2012

valentines day, post mortem.

valentine's day was good ...

though the boy was not crazy about writing all the names of his classmates twice - once on the valentine and once on the envelope.

unlike his momma, he does not like writing.

so i bribed him with chocolate chips.


at school there was a jump rope for your heart competition.

which went right into the valentine's party, in which my chocolate fountain sort of worked.

it was his first real valentine's party as a big boy and it was fun to just hang out at his school all morning, and watch his routine.

when he said the pledge of alliegiance to the flag, and then his school pledge, i nearly cried.

when he got home, he told me gravely, "mommy i didn't get you anything because i know what you really want is for me to say i love you. so i love you."

nothing could be sweeter.

happy day, all. the weather has turned nice again. is it spring?
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