Tuesday, November 29, 2011

important fashion update.

ok, so this is jean, not me. wow, you guys catch everything.

while i was in nyc i did some window shopping and discovered some amazing new fashion trends.

you are certain to thank me for this post, because now you can be extremely fashionable this winter season.

new york is, after all, a fashion mecca.

had i not seen these store windows, i would have been hopelessly out of fashion all winter long.

so here you go: all you need are a few simple items that are sure to be wardrobe staples for years to come.

simple. elegant. classic.

number one: furry boots. nothing says style and class like abominable snow monster-inspired footwear.

a furry purse is also a must-have. doesn't matter what kind, as long as something formerly cute and cuddly died, you're on the right track.

bathing suits are also hot this winter. just throw on a cardigan, your favorite pearls and a fedora and you're good to go.

and perfect for the the kids' school christmas program - this heavenly white choir-robe-inspired ensemble with matching alpaca boa.

or ... if you're just not sure what to wear ...

be like twinnie and me. wear basic black. it always works.

what fashions are you grooving on this holiday season?

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