Wednesday, November 30, 2011

deep breaths, everyone.

i personally am finding this time of year to be something of a nightmare.

it's not that i'm not in the holiday spirit. i am. sort of.

but my to-do list for the next two weeks includes way too much.

check this out, and this is just the stuff i can remember:

cook for three different potlucks
buy two dirty santa gifts
order, address, and send christmas cards
buy ingredients for the boy's gingerbread house day at school
send in money for the boy's holiday lunch
attend holiday lunch
send in money for the boy's taiko drum field trip
bake cookies for boy's open house/holiday program
find class shirt for boy to wear to open house/holiday program
attend open house/holiday program
attend PTO meeting
change oil in car
pay december bills
have dental surgery (not kidding)
donate to food drive at work
donate to office charity drive
donate to school toy drive
write two articles by tomorrow
go to press by friday
think about beginning christmas shopping
collapse and drink heavily

and so, i'm posting this image of my serene twinnie sitting on a beach in san diego last weekend, collecting bottle caps with her kids for an eco-art project that is sure to change the world.

there. don't you feel better?

oh yes, add that to my list: collect bottle caps.

no, seriously. i am trying to find inspiration and it is not in the crazy commercialism and ten thousand to-do's of the holidays. i am seeking meaning in what is real and true and goes beyond our more-is-more-is-never-enough american mindset.

so today i'm going to breathe deep, throw away the list, and see what happens.

i want to enjoy this day, this season, this life.

and of course there is work to be done.

but some of it, i can let go of.

it's a free fall, baby.

i'll keep you posted on the results.

peace and love today and always, my lovelies. be true to you. do good in the world. the rest is gonna be all right.

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