Tuesday, July 26, 2011

bargain of the day.

last night we made a swing by goodwill, only to find the coolest thing ever.

the boy found this little electronic pixter game for $6, which he loves and is very good at. he uses the stylus to draw and play games, and man alive does it make him feel like a big kid.

the main thing is that it was a heck of a lot cheaper than getting a wii or a nintendo ds. thank the lord that he doesn't know what those are yet.

Oh! he brought it in the car this morning to play with on the way to school. as he was getting out he asked if i could leave the car running all day with the air conditioning on so that the batteries wouldn't melt.

i didn't promise my little prince i would do that, but said i'd take it in to work with me so that we could ensure battery integrity during this ridiculous heat wave.

what are your kids craving these days?

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