Wednesday, July 27, 2011

summer tastes like this.

hello my dears.

last night we went to produce place and got a huge juicy farm-grown heirloom tomato and made giant tomato sandwiches. it's my favorite thing ever.

usually i just do fresh tomato and mayo with a dash of salt. but this time i added fresh mozzarella, smashed avocado (perfectly ripe), a drizzle of olive oil, a dash of sea salt and a twist of cracked black pepper on home-baked white bread.

here it is before i put it together and promptly ate it. (the boy had his sans accoutrement.)

either way, out of this world.

we also got some farm-fresh sweet corn - that's for tonight.

i love the tastes of summer. if you're not taking advantage of all the ripe, grown-in-the-ground fruits and veggies, you're missing out.

this winter when all I can find are tasteless hydroponic tomatoes, i'll be dreaming of this here sandwich. you can bet on it.

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