Monday, July 25, 2011

bits of my weekend vol. 60.

here i am with kristin house (left) and her mom tama (right) at the a novel idea workshop on saturday.

how cool is it that her mom came along and made all the food?

including lemon meringue pie?

the montessori school where it was held was so lovely and peaceful.

it reminded me of the southern california college where twinnie works.

see? it looks so very southern california.

this courtyard was a great place to sit during our writing exercises.

let me just say this day-long workshop was the best writing workshop i've ever attended.

not only did kristin give us the tools to outline and write our first novel, but she de-mystified the whole i'm-terrified-to-write-a-novel-because-what-if-only-cool-people-can-write-novels-and-i'm-not-cool thing.

silly, silly girl.

you can do this.

and then tama said, let there be pie.

and there was pie.

and it was good.

and then tama said let them eat cake.

and we did.

and it too was good.

not pictured: tama's homemade egg salad and chicken salad. yum.

the most inspiring part of all was watching this mother and daughter interact.

it just confirms what we already knew: if your mamma believes in you, there's nothing you can't do!

how was your weekend?

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