Monday, October 25, 2010

bits of my weekend vol. 21, aka, los angeles trip wrap-up (day 2)

i've been delinquent on my blogging.

but that's not because i didn't want to blog. i just was too busy having fun.

i do love you, i promise.

i posted day one already.

so here is day two of my fabulous sisters weekend in LA.

one of my most favorite haunts is le pain quotidien in claremont. it's a belgian/french eatery that is fantastic. even if it technically is a chain.

oh how i dream about his chocolate croissant.

you really should go there sometime.

and the coffee is divine.

for lunch we hit pho ha in pomona for vietnamese cuisine.

the spring rolls were fantastic.

and the pho. and the fried rice with tofu.

i highly recommend.

we made a stop at the indian store for spices and things. i got some bangles to wear to next month's diwali celebration.

then it was off to see my two adorable nephews play soccer.

here's super-dad rupert with jackson.

and here's isaiah.

cutest ever.

my twinnie is no ordinary soccer mom.

and then it was sushi time. we took the train to downtown la., kids in tow.

we went to komasa in little tokyo and it was an amazing adventure, even if the server kept telling us to quiet down.

silly, silly man.

it's just not physically possible when you have us girls together in one room.

here's big sis chardy and her friend john.

the hilarity level reached a fever pitch when our college friend paul showed up.

oh the stories we told.

you will never hear them.

i'll post day three soon, my lovelies.

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