Thursday, October 21, 2010

L.A. day one was grand.

day one began with style. i slept in til 11 (jet lag!)and then went for a delicious lunch at nordstrom cafe.

salmon on cappelini with asparagus. mmmmm ....

then we browsed nordstrom. so fabulous. can't wait until nashville finally gets ours.
twinnie, obviously, is super fabulous.

here's isaiah, age 4, with his mama.

be still my heart.

his artwork is quite good.

here's jackson, age 6, almost 7, at his school. he's into "doing titanic research" right now.

he also spends a goodly amount of time at the dojo.

here's the proud mama.

and the big kick!

here's twinnie at her office.

and yes, she made me take off my glasses and go around and talk to her coworkers, pretending to be her.

that hasn't been cute since, like, the fourth grade.

but i do what i'm told. she is, afterall, the older twin.

wow. i had no idea it was "all about jean" day. i feel underdressed.

here's some decor in her office. look at the monkeys!

i repeat, look at the monkeys.

here's her plant.

i wonder if this plant knows how lucky it is to be with my twinnie every single day.

i wish i could be that plant.

stupid plant.

dinner was fantastic. hummus tacos with creamed potato soup with fennel.

food is always amazing here. always.

[yawn] i'm off to bed. tommorow big sis joins us. huzzah!



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