Thursday, July 1, 2010

LA got nothin' on us

we came home last night to discover a film crew camped out by the historic belle meade theater.

sadly this theater has been out of commission for some time (and even served as a bookstore for a while).

but it's a great location to shoot a scene in a movie.

the marquee lights were shining bright and there were signs up that said "premiere tonight."

ooooh, and there were red velvet ropes.

what in the world?

it HAD to be a movie set. there were lots of people standing around.

and there was a table with pizza boxes on it.

did i mention lots of people standing around?

wait - is that tom cruise getting out of that white van?


they were just shooting a commercial about a mechanized wheel chair that helps the person sitting in it to fully stand up.

i guess that's kind of cool.

the boy thought so, anyway.

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