Sunday, July 11, 2010

bits of my weekend volume 7

we had a great weekend. how about you?

first we went for some booch. wow it was hot.

we set out for the water feature at bicentennial mall in downtown nashville.

sadly it was closed. probably a water conservation thing due to the flood.

so we went to the nearby farmer's market.

there were watermelons ...

... green peppers ...

... sweet corn ...

... peaches ...

... fresh herbs ...

... and cupcakes!

my kind of farmer's market.

but we didn't stay long.

alas, the boy was just too hot and collapsed in misery.

he was, as they say, farklempt.

so we went home for much needed naps before cracking open the magic bubbles.

the boy wanted to make really big ones, so hubz rigged something up with a coathanger and frying pan.

we're just going to start calling him "macgyver" from now on.

this just never gets old.

bubbles + sunset = magic.

sunday we went to church, but the boy wasn't feeling sunday schoolish.

so we sat in the lobby and colored.

luckily there is a cafe in the lobby.

and there is starbucks to be had.

and a giant hill to run down.

my kind of church.

sunday night we made more bubbles.

what did you do? to join the conversation, visit michelle at 6 in the city.


Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

Love the coat hanger bubble wand!! I'll have to remember that trick!

sherilee said...

Any market with cupcakes is a must-visit!

Looks like a wonderful weekend.

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