Friday, July 9, 2010

welcome little brother!

today was the day our office celebrated with our coworker daniel and his wife sarah (and their little girl madeleine) on the adoption of baby benjamin from ethiopia.

i made beach-theme cupcakes since madeleine likes the ocean.

no oil slicks here.

there were presents and good food and lots of laughter.

here's madeleine making excellent headway on her beach cupcake. she liked the silly bands i gave her, too.

and we finally got to meet this little guy. couldn't you just squeeze him (gently, of course)?

there were games - including guessing how much candy was in the jar. our party planners go all out.

and we all signed this t-shirt with best wishes. daniel and sarah created this design and sold hand-printed shirts to help finance their adoption expenses.

madeleine entertained us by singing the wonder pets theme song. i think she's enjoying being a big sister.

hurray for baby benjamin! read all about their adoption journey here.

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