Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the great cake pop experiment, part 1.

these bees were the inspiration.

I knew I couldn't pull off the bees on the first try, but cake on a stick? dipped in candy coating? sprinkled with sprinkles?

i got that.

how hard could it be?

make cupcakes, crumble them up, smoosh in some icing, make cake balls.

then dip in melted candy coating. (i used white chocolate).

but the balls kept falling off the sticks when we dipped them.

maybe it's because i used barbecue skewers instead of actual lollipop sticks. hmmmm....

welcome to my cake pop graveyard.

as you can see, this experiment did not come out as planned.

so tonight we try again with the meltable candy wafers.

The good news is that they are delicious.

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