Monday, June 7, 2010

Bits of my Weekend volume 4

my weekend kicked off with date night.

naturally, i had to get a new dress.

and new shoes. oh, mama.

the food at suzy wong's house of yum was out of this world.

this is no ordinary sushi.

these little vegetable gyoza were amazing.

i really like the cool dragon kite decor.
(image from the Suzy Wong's nashville Web site)

the boy stayed home with a sitter.

i'm pretty sure they watched TV the whole time.

the next morning we went bike riding on the greenway.

thank goodness for the new helmet.

we saw lots of pretty things.

and we stopped to make wishes.

the graffiti is quite pretty, actually.

the flood washed out some of the trails, but it was
still lovely.

later i went and sorted food at the Second Harvest food bank.
we sorted 7,000 pounds of food in 2 hours.

oh, my back. it's aching.

but my OCD self was maniacally happy to organize stuff
on such a massive scale.

then i collapsed. for the rest of the day.

and most of the next.

while i was sleeping, hubz and the boy built this.

these are bits of my weekend.


Dayna said...

What a perfect weekend! Really. A date with your husband? Fantastic! Family bike ride? Excellent! Volunteering and organizing all in one sweep? Exhilarating!

AnnieStyle said...

That sushi looks so good!!!

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