Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the great cake pop experiment, part 2.

ok, so i went and got the candy coating wafers and tried the cake ball on a stick thing again.

no matter what i did, they looked chunky, not smooth.

oh, and it helps if you have a block of styrofoam to put them in to dry. we had to make do.

If you keep reheating the wafers in the microwave, eventually, they look like this.

so i tried a double boiler, and they looked like this.

but they still came out looking like this.

so i punted and got meltable chocolate wafers in a cup.

oh, and it helps if you put the cake pops in the freezer before you dip them.

just sayin'.

i tried to make a bee to look like this.

clearly, not the same outcome.

to see it done all professional like, visit bakerella.

on second thought, don't. it might depress you.

the verdict: cake pops are harder than they look. and to be honest, these lemon cake balls looked so much like chocolate covered peanut butter balls, that's all i could think about.

i may make those next. no sticks required.


Illinois Granny Blogger said...

you are amazing. I would have tossed it after the first try:}

jessica said...

Totally cracking up! Good persistence! ;-) Miss ya!

Cakes By Shara said...

Try heating the chocolate on half power. I think your chocolate got to hot. Heat it slower and stir a lot. White chocolate has a lower melt point than chocolate you do not want it hot to the touch 82 to 84 degrees is what I like to dip at. Paramount crystals can be gotten at sweet wise and will help if your chocolate seizes up. Make sure your everything is dry and free of any water or moisture this will also cause your chocolate to seize up. Use dry metal spoons or a fork to stir with because wooden spoons sometimes still have water in them. very humid days also make this harder like this past week. Keep trying you will get it.

Joan said...

thanks, Shara! i know you are right about the heat and moisture. thanks for the tips!!

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