Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bits of my Weekend, Vol. 3.

how was your weekend? we saw shrek 4 in 3-D.

we rode a fish.

we conquered the scary climbing thing.

i went out with the girls to see Sex and the City 2
(that's me on the far left) ...

... had a cocktail. or two.

we took the boy to the old park where we used to play.

and surveyed the damage.

we picked up shells on the riverbank.

we got wet.

we climbed some more.

we had popcicles.

went to the civil war bridge.

can you believe this bridge was submerged during the
flood one month ago today? that's a lot of water.

we listened to shells.

"mommy, i can hear the wind!"

we found a million treasures.

and we slept.

these are bits of my weekend.

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sherilee said...

Looks like a good weekend! I saw Sex in the City2, too, with girlfriends. I have a feeling a lot of ladies did that! And I just love the picture of your boy asleep in his car seat. Precious.

Melissa said...

Count me in for having seen the movie opening weekend too. Loved the fashion!

Your son is gorgeous. Love all of your pics!

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