Friday, May 28, 2010

deadline day

it's friday and we're on deadline, which is great because that means tomorrow i won't be on deadline.

it means tomorrow when i wake up the paper will have been put to bed, sent to press, gone and done.

and because we're not doing a july issue that means i can really enjoy the not-on-deadline thing for a while and just breathe deep.

i do love the process of putting out a monthly print publication. the writing, the editing, the photography shoots. meeting amazing people and writing their stories.

the busy-hurry-up-and-wait production process.

the giant printing presses that rumble and roar just for me, printing the words i've written and edited and meticulously inspected for misplaced commas.

words i've groomed and polished and made them sing.

i'll be sad one day when they say print just isn't relevant anymore. when they say people want their news online and they want it now.

i'll adjust, I suppose. but for now, i'll take the dead-tree version over surfing the net any day.

magazines have heart. a soul. a voice. you hold them in your hands and enjoy a cup of coffee with them and soak up the words.

i don't think i'll ever get tired of that.


Jean said...

Insist on using FSC certified paper. Then you can feel less guilty about the "dead tree" thing.

Tammie said...

Hey Joanie

How are you? Hope all is well with you and Jack Henry.

It's Tammie. I'm home visiting for the week from London and hanging out with Jean and the fam.

I know how much you like baking cupcakes...and I wanted to tell you about a popular cupcake bakery in London called Hummingbird Bakery. Here is the link:

I'm signing off now because we're going to go for a swim...but here's a big hug ( ) and take care.

"Tamalama" said...

I love print in any form--books, magazines, newspapers. I especially love a newspaper. I hope you can keep the print version going for a long time. But, I know that is wishful thinking. My university gave up their quarterly magazine a few years ago. So sad.

Joan said...

thanks tama-lama! have fun with my sis!

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