Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Joy to the Cats!

The weather has gotten bitterly cold (read: below 30 at night) so Hubz decided additional shelter was needed for the cats.

Yesterday he crafted these hideous kitty condos out of enormous plastic storage bins we had under the house. (Their original use was as water containers during the whole pre-Y2K panic, but let's not go there.)

Anyway, he flipped them over, carved out openings and made rubber fringe doorways to keep out the cold. For warmth, he lined them with blankets, pillows and sweatshirts. Oh, Hubz, how I love you. Truly the most compassionate man alive.

Now, can we move them to the back porch?


Jessica said...

Aww that is sweet! Yay for kitty condos!

The Kitties said...

I agree with Jessica. I say the same... The kitties come first. Style comes second. Although I do think a nice trim or even a crown molding would be just grand.

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