Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Choo Choo for you

Good news sushi lovers: Samurai Sushi on Elliston has expanded! I remember I wrote a restaurant review of the place back in the day. I happened to be there the same day as Kay West from the Scene. The famously dedicated Choo Choo Roll devotees actually booed us when we walked in. They begged us not to write reviews, for fear that their well-kept secret would get out and they wouldn't be able to get a table. Well, we of course went on to write glowing reviews and I imagine tables were hard to come by for a while. I won't apologize for that, because not only has the place flourished over time, but it has now expanded into the neighboring shop to provide even more space for new and old fans alike.

What makes the sushi so special? Each one is crafted with care, embellished with such surprising treats as toasted pine nuts and sliced strawberries. Check out Carrington Fox's blog at the Scene's Bites Blog. Photo is from

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