Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Breakfast Burrito is a treat-oh

Oh, how I likes me some breakfast burrito. You too? Well, then, you'll be glad to know that Q-doba is adding breakfast on the weekends, starting Thursday in select locations (including the one that's within jumping distance of my office). Here's what they're adding:

Breakfast Burrito (Eggs, potatoes, and/or sausage with 3-Cheese Queso or Ranchera Sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla); and Breakfast Quesadilla (Eggs, potatoes, and/or sausage and cheese grilled to a golden brown).

For now, the breakfast menu will only be served on weekend mornings, in conjunction with expanding their hours to stay open all night on the weekends. Guess they are trying to tap into that ever-popular college demographic in constant need of awesome hangover food.

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