Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My little prince

Here's how our morning goes. Wake up. Turn on amusing programming for little prince. Shower and dress. Blow dry. Summon little prince to the kitchen for morning comestibles. Brew hot caffeinated libation for sleeping giant. Roust sleeping giant with aroma of said caffeinated libation. Bathe little prince. Chase around naked little prince with clean shirt and pants. Entice little prince to sit atop throne for necessary evacuations. Wrestle little prince into clean clothes. Feed yowling beasts outside castle wall. Tidily secure little prince into carriage for 40-minute journey to magical kingdom. Engage in spirited debate about weather, the sleeping habits of woodland creatures and the origin of God. Deliver little prince to his ladies-in-waiting who oversee his jousting and fistacuffs with fellow princes. Then I go to work.

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