Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Take me out to the ... emergency room?

I'm so glad I didn't take Jack Henry to Scott's softball game last night. Scott was tagging a guy out at second and the guy crashed into his hand, dislocating his thumb. Scott nearly passed out and had to be rushed to the emergency room. Thank goodness for his teammates who stayed with him and got him home. Good thing he doesn't need his hands to make a living, oh, wait, he's a piano player. This could be a problem.


Chris Fenoglio said...

Scott's a professional...he'll bounce back soon. By the way, did he tag the guy out? :-)

Seriously, I hope the pain and injury will all get better soon. Have Jack kiss the booboo away for Daddy.

Nice blog. I can relate about kids and behavior but not so much about cosmetics. :-)


Joan said...

I do believe the guy was tagged out. However, the game stopped there and our team forfeited so they could take Scott to the hospital. I'm just glad Jack Henry wasn't there to see it - that would have been traumatic.

I try to do more man-friendly blog entries!!

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