Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kindergarten: day one!

day one of kindergarten and we all survived drop-off.

the boy was so proud to wear his uniform and new backpack.

no tears. just excitement.

especially when he saw that he has his own locker.

and there's a hamster cage with a real live hamster.

there's just so much to be excited about.

this lovely old building will be our new gathering place until middle school.

it feels right. just watching the parents and teachers and kids embracing after a long summer away made me realize just how much the people who make up this place care about children.

and now they care about my child.

we are new to the family. but i already feel loved.

peace and love to all of you who are sending little ones off to school this week! be strong - try to enjoy the day - and take lots of pictures!


Kelly said...

So cute! So I didn't think I would but I totally cried this morning. Tears of joy:) Did you cry??

Joan said...

i did not cry! but when i got into the "boohoo breakfast" with the other parents it was a little overwhelming so i left fairly quickly. i was pretty well prepared emotionally. or maybe it will hit me later!!

Illinois Granny Blogger said...

such a special day for you all. This brings back memories of you and your twin and the big yellow bus.

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