Wednesday, April 29, 2015

tiny living (sort of).

i'm obsessed with the tiny house movement and love watching tiny house nation. however, I can't imagine living in anything so small -- 250 square feet? With a child? Um, no thanks.

but i love the concept: paring down what you don't need, living simply, accumulating less, consuming less, being kinder to the earth. so here's my smallish 700-square-foot plan, which to a true tiny house-er is huge.

I've purged a ton of stuff and am going through all my boxes of things that I haven't looked at since i moved in 4 years ago. time to let go! a moving sale is on the horizon.

i'm thinking the boy will have the bedroom and I'll have a day bed in the living room. kind of like a new yorker, don't you think?

(yes, it's going to be an adventure!)

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