Sunday, December 28, 2014

lego heaven.

remember three years ago when i said i wanted this lego camper? well, i got it for myself for christmas/birthday and have spent the last several days watching the boy assemble it brick by brick (photos to come).

(i indulged my OCD tendencies by helping organize the 1,300-plus pieces into color categories while he did the assembling.)

i rarely buy kits like this, and have lots of reasons for that (too expensive; what do you do with it after it's built; if it breaks, the pieces just end up in the big lego tub, etc. etc.). but this little splurge has been worth every penny.

seeing my boy engrossed in building has been quite revelatory.

my child is exceptional at legos. he LOVES doing this. and he's usually not a kid who stays focused on any one thing for very long.

the TV has been off for hours. he's using his analytical skills, following directions, playing independently, is focused on a task, and is building self esteem along the way.

dare i say legos are educational? healthy? positive?

 i just did.

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