Tuesday, March 5, 2013

clothes pins are the answer. it's true.

i use clothes pins for everything. overpriced chip clips? pfffft! i think not!

for a couple bucks you can get about a hundred clothes pins, and they are so handy.

the main reason i love them is that they keep food fresh, which means less waste and more money in my pocket.

i clamp them on to everything:

cereal bags (inside the box), dry rice and beans, snack crackers, chocolate chips, brown sugar, white sugar, flour, frozen veggies, you name it.

did you know the average american throws away $500 worth of food every year?

ok, i made that up. but it's probably pretty accurate. and in a world in which so many have so little, i just can't stand to waste food. or throw away food i paid good money for.

And so, that is why clothes pins make me really, really happy.

what tricks do you use to save a dime (and the world)?

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