Friday, March 15, 2013

5 ways to feel luxurious when your bathroom is anything but.

the four seasons beverly hills. my happy place.
i like primping, and i like my primping time to feel peaceful and relaxing, like i'm staying in a fancy hotel (four seasons beverly hills to be exact).

when i blow dry my hair every morning, i imagine i'm at the four seasons beverly hills, getting ready to interview somebody famous and fascinating. (oops, that was me in a former life.)

of course it takes a lot of imagination to get there, but here are a few things i do to help:

1. I have a huge stack of white washcloths always on supply. every morning and every night i wash my face with a washcloth soaked in warm water and i absolutely cannot live without it. it's so relaxing. And there are so many of them, i never have to ration.

2. my hair is thick and frequently damaged from blow drying (a zen experience for me, by the way) and flat-ironing. i've given up my fancy Moroccan oil hair treatment, but am just as happy (really!) with my $5 garnier fructis sleek and shine treatment with Moroccan oil.

i massage it into wet straw hair and it smooths and de-tangles and adds some shine. love.

3. sometimes i add a dash of baking soda to my facial cleanser, just to add a little exfoliating action. super easy and cheap and soft on your skin.

4. I use almond oil to elevate my run-of-the-mill body lotion to spa-fabulous status. i just add a few drops of plain almond oil (about $7 bucks at the grocery store) to my lotion as i'm slathering it on, and it's heaven, i tell you.

i use almond oil for lots of things, including dabbing it on my crows feet and taking off eye make-up.

5. my morning routine always includes a cup of coffee. and i like my coffee better than just about anybody's. here's my secret.

i buy cafe bustelo espresso at the grocery store (about $4.50 a brick).

i boil water in a sauce pan on the stove, and then steep the coffee in a french press. while it's steeping i put my coffee cup into the remaining water on the sauce pan, put in a dash of half and half and let it sit in the water bath for a few minutes.

then i plunge and pour. so good.

doesn't matter what mug you use. the funkier the better.

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jessica said...

I love the "new" blog, Joan, and I'm rooting for you in this journey!

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