Wednesday, October 24, 2012

farm to fork.

(l-r) me, chardy, david and twinnie, down on the farm.

nashville foodies love to throw around terms like "slow food," "organic," and "local." it seems the new gourmet is simple, fresh and healthy ... like the kind of food i grew up with.

only back then it wasn't considered trendy. no, on the farm, you planted it, you harvested it and you ate it. it wasn't fancy. it was just food.

but it was delicious. and chefs are finally figuring that out: simple, fresh, wholesome food not only is better for you but it tastes better too.

so when i go to a trendy new restaurant and i see these highfalutin terms (and prices) for the foods i know so well, i'll think about what those words mean to me.

a farm egg - an egg.

local tomatoes - grown out back.

mennonite jam - my grandma made it.

amish butter - the neighbors up the road made it.

house-cured bacon - smoked in the shed.

free-range chicken - how else would chickens live?

naturally raised pork - pigs. living outside. what's not to get?

garden vegetables - just picked them myself.

farm fresh - farm. fresh. same thing.

Slow food - food.

that's my snark for the day. more soon, my lovelies! the boy is planning to be harry potter for halloween. peace ...

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Anonymous said...

I've read quite a few of your blog posts, and I have to say this one was one of my favorites. Did you know that all free-range chickens are not created equal? How else would a chicken live... well it turns out some "free-range" chickens prefer just to sit on the couch and eat bon-bons. As long as the door is open and the chicken has the freedom to get up and go out, it (I suppose we are talking about she's at this point) can be called "free-range". But the truth is that free-range chickens have been bred to the point where they really don't want to go out, they would rather just sit around (roost around doesn't sound right). Yeah, so while you grew up on a farm and didn't have a clue what Oliver Douglas was singing about ("Farm livin' is the life for me"), I grew up in the city in a tri-level on Mississippi Ave. About 10yrs ago I had what you would call a life-changing event... I went to the local feed store and bought a couple of cute Easter chicks for my kids. I didn't plan to keep them and already had a home lined up for them when they grew up. But just like any pet, you grow attached to it. And I discovered that a chicken is the best pet of all - it gives back to you in the form of eggs. Everyday is another egg. A little, warm bundle of goodness. Well, the rest is a long story... but I am currently chicken-less. It turns out hawks like free-range chickens too... A LOT!!! So I am waiting for the spring when I will get to pick out a few cute chicks, nurse them through a couple of months of cold nights, and then wait for the deliveries to begin.

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