Tuesday, July 3, 2012

the one where i get all airy-fairy.

another stump moment. when i saw this near my office yesterday, i couldn't resist standing on it and making a wish.

you see, i believe a tree, freshly cut (as sad as that is), continues pumping its energy up from the roots and up through its trunk, not knowing that its work is done.

so whenever i see a new stump, i stand on it, and instead of mourning the loss of the tree, i try to soak up all the goodness and energy the tree is putting out. it seems to me an ideal place (maybe even a sacred place) to make a wish or say a prayer for something very, very important and good.

out of loss comes good.

change is not fun but necessary.

if we yield to it, healing begins.

wishing stumps are real. try it and you will see.

love, joy and goodness to you today,

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