Thursday, July 5, 2012


here's my sis chardy on our final day in naples. who looks this good after a day at the beach? i mean, really? I'm not pictured in this post for a reason.
i love naples. so charming.

we went to barbatella, a new italian eatery on third street.
we ate outside. so perfect.

olive bread, focaccia and olive oil to start.

i had the caprese salad. fresh tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil. balsamic vinegar reduction. divine.

chardie had this delicious arugula salad with melon and speck (a juniper flavored italian ham, i am told) and mozzarella.

the boy and i split this oven-fired pizza.

chardie had the special, the mezzaluna pasta, stuffed with earthy porcini mushrooms. i avoided the accoutrement of duck, but the pasta was amazing.

the boy did pretty well with his table manners - as well as can be expected of a wound-up almost-seven-year-old on vacation.
we finished with chocolate gelato and biscotti. mmmmm.... more details of our trip to come.

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