Tuesday, May 29, 2012

fried pickles, sunburn, etc.

memorial day weekend was gloriously hot and we basically kicked it in the pool all weekend long. it started with fried pickles at corner pub midtown ...

... followed by a scorching little league game.

after that we basically reported to the pool and never left until we were as crispy as ...

well, these here kabobs. our neighbors and friends joined us and brought lots of yummy food.

the boy wouldn't pose for me. but he was super stylish in his temporary tattoos and snorkel gear.

and besty winston is never shy about posing.

they started day camp together at their elementary school this morning, reluctantly, after a sun-drenched start to summer vacation.

the nine week break will include several weeks of school camp, a week at vandy camp and some vacation time too, so it's going to be great. wish i could take a short work hiatus to join in on the fun, but alas, my work must go on.

happy summer. what are you celebrating today?

winston's little sis lilly and me.

sheryl, winston and lilly.

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