Thursday, April 26, 2012

moonrise kingdom, etc.

so yesterday i emailed twinnie and asked her, have you heard about wes anderson's new movie, moonrise kingdom? i send her a link to the trailer.

and she says, i can't believe you said that. i was just in the middle of emailing you to ask what your favorite wes anderson movie was!

twintuition strikes again.

so i tell her i think royal tennenbaums, steve zissou, bottle rocket and rushmore are genius, but i'm on the fence about darjeeling limited. it didn't quite live up. she kindly disagrees.

then this morning i turn on the tv, and what's showing? darjeeling limited. i watch a few minutes and decide it might be genius after all.

the end.

ps doesn't my twinnie look beautiful with her new team at the los angeles library foundation? she's in the middle of a book festival and is mingling with authors and going to readings every day. she's officially living my dream.

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