Thursday, March 22, 2012

a short commercial break.

photo courtesy of (which means i took without permission, but hopefully whitney won't mind) The Sweet Stash

and now, we take a brief moment to concentrate on something other than cupcake-palooza, which is turning out to to be the hugest thing ever (huzzah!).

this is a tantalizing stack of peanut butter cookies fused together with real peanut butter butter cream icing.

i'm obsessed.

i so wish i could dash over to the sweet stash at nashville farmer's market and get my fill of these today between noon and one.

however, i'm double and triple booked. i'll have to clone myself just to complete all the tasks and appointments on my calendar as it is.

so instead i'll dream.

if you get over there, buy me one. i'll pay you back.

peace, love, and peanut butter.

ps the sweet stash will be at cupcake-palooza. can't wait to meet whitney and crew in person!

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