Thursday, February 9, 2012

the advantages of books over e-readers.

when you drop a book, it doesn't crack. it never runs low on battery power or gets stolen, and your child doesn't constantly ask for it so he can play "angry birds."

books give you a reason to spend more time at the library ...

... and the last time i checked, digital downloads aren't usually free. just sayin.'

when you spill tea on a book, it's no big deal. no need to panic.

and books stand up well to cappuccino foam.

books look handsome lined on your bookshelves ...

and stacked on your nightstand.

and you don't have to power down a book when the airplane is taking off or landing. books are handy like that.

you could fall asleep hugging your e-reader, but it wouldn't be the same.

best of all, books look nothing like an office computer screen.

do you love books too? tell me why!


Gwen said...

I love the convieniece of my e-reader but I adore hard cover books even more.

Illinois Granny Blogger said...

I started picking up books when I was a child (about 70 years ago) and have never put them down. Gotta have the real thing.

Suzyfein said...

Lovely post, Joan!

I need to know where you are having such beautiful breakfasts. What a treat to read a book in that setting.

Joan said...

The cappuccino is from Dose Coffee and the other food shots are from Provence Breads and Cafe in Hillsboro Village. Love!!

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