Friday, December 16, 2011

the boy has a future in the dramatic arts.

what a milestone for the boy, and for me, as a kindergarten mom:

his first musical program! which included singing (in english, chinese and sign language) and ... wait for it ... choreography!

the highlight was the kids' rendition of rockin' around the christmas tree (the brenda lee version), which included fancy footwork and down-low twisting.

i have video. if i can figure out how to post it, i will.

he told me in advance: mommy, i'm going to be singing and dancing on stage and you are definitely going to love it so much you're going to cry.

he's right. i did.

afterward we visited the classroom for punch and cookies.

wow. it's for real. i'm a kindergarten mom.

and the boy is a full-fledged public-school-going kid.

this school year has introduced many new things. for the first time we're learning about school uniforms, carpool lane drop-off protocol, being on time, going on field trips (which often include riding the school bus!), doing homework (yes, in kindergarten!) and making new friends.

wow! what a difference a few months makes.

kindergarten is pretty awesome.

and the boy's got a lot of his daddy's musical gifts. he'll be landing the solo parts before you know it.

i'm so proud of the boy. (even if this angel looks a bit psychotic.)

and so happy to share our world with you each day!

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