Monday, December 19, 2011

bits of my weekend vol. 81.

a lot of great things happened this weekend.

finding a chocolate fountain at aldi for $19.99 was not the least of these.

we tried it out (a small batch) at the boy's friend winston's house.

chocolate + fountain + strawberries = happy children.

every time. guaranteed.

now kids, go brush your teeth!

the weekend highlight - for me anyway - was discovering don juan carniceria on nolensville road.

not exactly a taco truck, not quite a restaurant, don juan's tacos are out of this world. and only $1 each on the weekends.

this was my pinto bean taco on thin corn tortillas and topped with queso fresco.


winston's mom, a texas native and world traveler, tried the barbacoa and pronounced her blessing on don juan as authentic.

we will definitely be back.

the kids had quesadillas and fluffy, moist rice.

it was fun because we ate al fresco, and got to speak a little spanish.

for me, that means talking slowly and loudly. in english.

the kids scampered off to climb a tree.

and found this tire swing endlessly entertaining.

and we made a new friend. his name is kevin.

how was your weekend? are you ready for the holidays?

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