Wednesday, November 2, 2011

wicked awesome. or should i saw OZ-some?

despite being under the weather, young jenny dragged my grody sick self to wicked.

i mean, for pete's sake, we had front row tickets.

which we bought four months ago.

i told her to find a replacement. but i'm glad i rallied in the end.

and man was it worth it.

literally this was the only shot i could fire off before the usher came over and threatened expulsion.

actually, i did get one more. this was the backdrop.

i knew when i saw this that the production was going to be off the charts.

and it was.

i ripped a bunch of photos from the internet to show you, since i couldn't take pictures of my own.

so the photos that follow are actually from a whole different season of wicked, but you get the idea.

ah-may-zing fashions.

rih-donk-u-luss sets.

gorgeous voices.

and a fascinating backstory to the wizard of oz.

oh, and flying monkeys.

lots of flying monkeys.

i guess you had to kind of be there to get it. but the costumes, the choreography, the singing, the effects. it was just amazing.

never seen anything like it.

i'm so glad i let young jenny drag me against my will. it was the most amazing time.

a wicked good time.

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